This is the fall 2013 Math 100 Calculus II posthead for David Lowry-Duda’s TA sections. This is not the main site for the whole course (which can be found at, but it will contain helpful bits and is a good venue through which you can ask questions.

In particular, the posts that have been put up so far can be found under the Math 100 tag category.

Here are links to the pages themselves:

And now, the administrative details (the rest can be found on the main course website).

TA Name: David Lowry-Duda

email address: djlowry [at] math [dot] (although please only use email for private communication – math questions can be asked here, and others can benefit from their openness).

office hours: T 2:00 – 4:00 pm in Kassar 018 (the basement) – if you get lost, ask and people will direct you to me

MRC: I work in the Math Resource Center on Wednesdays from 8-10pm in Kassar 105. It’s free, there are many people there, and there’s little reason not to go. The MRC is open from Monday to Thursday, 8-10pm each night – you can go anytime, not just the times when I happen to be working there.