I haven’t updated this in a bit, but I have a good reason: I am in the midst of migrating away from wordpress.com to davidlowryduda.com.

This is the first time I’ve dealt with backend-ish things, so it took me a bit to get used to the lay of the land. Although I have the domain davidlowryduda (go figure), I am currently using a free webhost (I’m going to assume that I’m not going to suddenly out-traffic it or anything). So it’s a bit slow compared to wordpress.com, but there will be no more ads! (yay!) And I have complete control over the layout, and I can have a better site.

Further, I’m experimenting with django, and I haven’t yet decided which one I prefer or how I might want to integrate them together.

This is all to say that davidlowryduda.com is in a state of flux, but I’ll be maintaining both this and that for a while – until I get fully set up.